Your best anti-scam guide for Russian women dating

Why Russian brides chose to cooperate with marital agencies

Single people should be careful online, it’s a well-known fact. It’s hard to know to whom you’re actually talking, and even if you do, this person can be fraudulent. It’s one’s fear number one!

Russian Bride

Luckily, techniques and practices of online dating do not remain on the same place, and one’s safety can be on a decent level if to follow very simple recommendations.

Russian dating has its own nuances as well, especially since it involves local dating agencies. For example, Asian women and Latin American women rarely use the agencies’ services.

But it’s only natural that Eastern European women need some professionals’ assistance since they’re comparatively new to international dating and love being cared about.

It’s kind of reassuring to them that all men are going through the online verification and even have the VIP status or a highlighted profile if they proved their ability to pay.

Without offending anyone, there are many Indian and African men who go for free options only, without being able to arrange a trip for themselves or their chosen girl.

Also a lot of Turkish and other Muslim men who don’t take Russian women seriously and hide their own identity because of their local wives or girlfriends, which is equally unpleasant.

Due to Russian women outstanding beauty, they are literally attacked by all kinds of men, both reliable and non-reliable ones. So they really prefer to have additional guarantees.

Of course, we aren’t saying here that all dating agencies are trustworthy without any exception, and they only work for the users’ favour. But there are simple ways to define that.

The difference between fraudulent and legit marital agencies

The information we are sharing here, is received from the inside of Russian dating system, i.e. from the agency employees and brides themselves who made a deeper research.

To detect the first red flags that might keep you away, you should spend certain time on the site run by dating agencies. Let’s start from the pricing which should be totally clear and transparent.

Once you see some weird calculations with bonuses, kits, sets, and packages, member rewards, monthly re-payments, and other unclear details, better stay away.

It may seem attractive but in fact, it only means you will never be aware how much you spent and how much you’ll still be charged within the next days. So it’s basically a trap.

Even pay-per-service sites have understandable and reasonable pricing, since you usually pay for each month membership and for a set of credits. That’s all and you can easily plan your budget.

So, avoid Russian dating sites with a complicated pricing system and you’ll distant yourself from any fraudulent schemes or tricks. Manage your dating expenses wisely!

Another very obvious red flag is the inexplicable girls’ personal data. If so-called Russian girls are suddenly from very remote regions of the world, think twice before proceeding.

They may also look much younger on the photos than their profile indicates, so it’s already less trustworthy. There are some more nuances connected with Russian girls photos.

For sure, they shouldn’t be severely edited, but even if they are, it’s not a bad sign. You can always ask a girl to send you her casual photos during the private correspondence.

It’s much worse if women’s profile photos do not look like they were meant for a dating site. They do not look to the camera, do not try to chose an attractive posture, and so on.

To make you understand this example better, imagine gamers who stream their online gaming with some completely disinterested expression on their faces. Can a mail order bride look like that?

If she is, it probably means her photos are stolen from social networks or forums but they haven’t been selected personally by her for posting them on a dating site.

The last example of red flag we are going to warn you against, is being showered with greetings, ice-breakers, and long messages within the first minutes after signing up.

You surely understand it’s unnatural and all these hot Russian girls didn’t have enough time for reading your details and composing a unique message. So those are bots and hired employees.

Their task is attracting a male user as soon as possible after his registering, and having him involved into the biggest number of paid conversations possible. Chose the platforms that don’t do that.

The typical behaviour of a scammer

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner in online dating or not, you should know all the strategies of scammers both classical ones and new ones, then you will be able to resist.

If to talk about Russian dating, it’s always closely connected to the country economy and politics, since all habitants completely depend on their common social situation.

For example, if you date online a girl from Moscow or another big and prosperous city who looks like a superstar on her photos, be ready that she just needs your wallet for her extra expenses.

But it isn’t good either if a girl has an unhappy face on all of her photos, sends you pictures from some hospital all the time, or even the documents confirming her bad current situation.

Then she definitely counts on you like on some big charity fund instead of seeing a sexy partner in you. Most frequently, it’s just a scam and nothing more, so do not react on these girls.

One of the bad scenarios is telling men about the women’s hardship connected with the Donetsk and Lugansk situation. Many victims of this conflict zone have relocated to Moscow or Kyiv.

Avoid these complaints at all costs. Even if you’re a very kind-hearted person, you aren’t responsible for this conflict or these victims. Both Ukrainian and Russian government offer them help.

Not many of them ever lose a cent in these circumstances, since they have bank accounts, savings in cash, and guaranteed social payments. Only a few people lose their homes or belongings.

So if you are getting too many complaints of this kind on some Russian or Ukrainian dating site, be sure this marital agency is playing its fraudulent scheme, and do not deal with it.

How to rescue a girl who joined the wrong agency

Hundreds of marital agencies in Russia and Ukraine are honest, although a bit commercial-minded. But dozens of them are dishonest, and girls aren’t always aware of this.

There are some signs your chosen girl is more innocent than the agency itself. It proves there are good seeds even in a bad soil, and you can extract them or harvest them, still.

One of these signs is that a girl already agreed to meet you without an interpreter, since she speaks some English. But later under the agency’s pressure, she changes her decision.

meet without an interpreter

In this situation, you can either compromise and order just a few hours of translation, or try to connect with a girl directly without intermediaries. Both ways are good.

But what we are trying to say, is that a Russian girl appears genuine in this scenario and it means she is definitely a wife material. She just wants to be diplomatic towards all sides.

In can also happen that a girl wants to meet you only, since you already developed some special connection, but the agency forces her to participate in romantic tours.

First of all, you can come to visit, propose to her, show your serious intentions in every way, and she’ll leave the agency having no more reasons to continue her search.

But if you aren’t that confident about your choice and cannot make big steps yet, just do not worry. Romantic tours are very impersonal and have a social character rather than private.

If a Russian girl is demonstrating her commitment and communicates with you very intensively, she may continue with her duties at the agency but she’ll remain yours.

It happens quite rarely that a decent and reasonable girl is getting trapped with very fraudulent scenarios of the agencies. It can be easily found out and punished juridically.

A girl can also be forced to stay in the database of active members although she found a local boyfriend already. But you can detect this in no time.

If your Russian hottie started to write occasionally and all her topics are shallow, she is offline in the evenings and on weekends, she can meet you only for two hours a day, it means she is taken.

Catch the moment when there are no third persons around, and ask her directly. If you make it clear that you’re not offended and just want the truth, she’ll reveal the real facts and remain your friend.

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