Who we are?

We are the dating blog helping singles worldwide to get better educated in the area of international dating and personal life. We attract best dating experts to our work and provide quality.

Who we are

Our specialists focus on Eastern European dating and enlighten the questions of compatibility, index of sexual attraction, psychological coexisting within marriage, and others.

This kind of informational assistance and support is needed for establishing stronger trust and stronger connections between western men and Eastern European brides or girlfriends.

We include short articles, longer essays, and profound researches into our blog as well as entertaining materials and brief reviews on the most promising Russian dating platforms.

By getting acquainted to that information, you make your trip to Ukraine or Russia much safer, more budget-saving, and definitely more effective!

What we do?

We cooperate with legitimate dating agencies and interview single girls interested in western dating, in order to get a more complete picture of people’s demands and expectations.

As authors and editors, we also make sure all success stories mentioned in our materials, are verified and come from real personalities, so that our audience isn’t misguided.

Our unique collection of Russian dating tips covers all kinds of relationships, from casual sex to life-long marriage. Eastern European women’s beauty shouldn’t be the only glue that sticks you together.

Slavic culture can be called the opposite to western culture, yet they can merge and create harmonious unions. By ignoring women’s culture, men create unfavourable conditions for coupling.

We realistically reflect both sides’ complaints and critics, as well as mutual appreciation and suggested solutions of popular problems. Our audience reports: it really works for them!

Why is it important?

Sexual life in marriage can be challenging enough even for same-nationality couples, and if not to be pro-active it gets worse with all the cultural barriers. Wise people are aware of that.

Luckily, there are well-checked keys to each person’s heart taking into account their heritage, background, mentality, nuances of upbringing, and other factors. It’s very reassuring!

When this informational and educational stream flows continuously and naturally, one becomes perfectly prepared to international dating and marriage.

It’s enough to dedicate 1 hour a day or even less to the latest updates in a world of dating, last tendencies, pickup techniques, international marriage advice, to improve one’s private life.

Dating a girl of this or that nationality can be in fashion, but no one can succeed without analyzing things in depth and intense practicing. We share experienced daters’ experience with you!

Choosing the right person may take the lifetime. Don’t waste years! Your soulmate must be waiting for you exactly in Russia or Ukraine, but you need to make steps and find her.

Hundreds of men’s gratitude confirms to us that we are moving towards the right purpose and making people’s life better. The recommendations we gathered for you, make it possible.

Why join:

Our 10+ years experience on other platforms shows that Eastern European women and western men are the best combination ever, just they have to gain some primary knowledge.

Every westerner wants a woman who would be old-fashioned when it comes to loyalty, and very modern when it comes to experimenting in a bed. Russian girls are like that!

Meanwhile, Russian and Ukrainian single women want emotional and financial stability that local men cannot give them. We would even say, emotional stability comes first.

It’s also not a secret that western men are interested in women with high sexual drive. In this regard, Russian women do well, but Ukrainian girls are just incomparable!

For sure, one cannot know all these nuances when he simply joins the site because of gorgeous women’s photos, so we help the users balance their curiosity and real knowledge.

Real knowledge is the only tool that allows to make plans and then gradually implement them, instead of just passive daydreaming and postponing happiness until tomorrow that never comes!

Our Top dating sites:

Some men think conquering a foreign girl is complicated, many-levelled, expensive, and hopeless. But it’s actually the simplest, most reasonable, and pleasant thing one can do!

Studying of each other’s culture takes time, but it also leaves no time for boredom, domestic conflicts, unnecessary jealousy, misunderstandings, feelings of loneliness or nostalgia.

You can perceive it as an exciting game or as a very serious occupation, but adapting to another kind of mentality is a wonderful and stimulating process that helps you evolve.

By statistics, international couples rarely divorce, except for cases when one of the partners behaved abnormally from the beginning and another one just ignored the danger.

Private psychologists’ services are costly. Not every family can afford these visits especially taken regularly. It’s better to prevent any doubtful issues by reading the most progressive dating blogs.

Sometimes people who are destined to be together, fail because of small inconveniences. As a team of international dating experts, we make sure you don’t let it happen.

One of our aims is providing users with the list of the most reliable dating platforms, particularly in Eastern Europe. We are pre-checking our candidates, and rate them accordingly!

Legitimate dating sites with real users in their database and a wide range of qualitative services contact us in order to get a place in our Top list of trustworthy platforms.

Dozens of responses from men we are receiving every day, confirm our efforts were helpful to them, and saved their time a lot on a way to success. We are encouraged to continue our work.

It’s our way to contribute into Eastern European dating that became a necessity for many single men worldwide, and that still needs to be additionally promoted.

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