Safe dating in Ukraine: from casual sex to marriage

Why Ukraine is the place number one to date in Eastern Europe

Ukrainian women are in the top list of the most beautiful females in the world. Some men chose to marry them for the most exciting life together, and others want to date them at least once!

Ukraine, Kyiv

In fact, all Eastern European girls are famous for being attractive, but not all of them are equally open towards dating westerners. For example, Belarus remains mostly local-oriented.

Polish women do not see any problem in getting married to a foreigner, but they’ve got quite handsome local men so there is a kind of competition. Are you ready to compete?

At the moment, Ukrainian brides are the most adapted to the idea of relocating, and they’ve got dozens of reasons for that. First of all, their travelling process is simplified at the moment.

It happened after Ukraine became a part of EU, although this country isn’t a full member yet. Still Ukrainians got much more opportunities for no-visa travelling and low-cost flights.

Along with that, Ukrainian girls’ minds have changed as well: they made a big move from post-Soviet way of thinking to pro-European. They even became more creative in their businesses.

Ukraine differs from Russia and Belarus first of all with the number of unique start-ups and innovative projects in general. So Ukrainian girls aren’t the typical poor brides anymore!

Their mentality is getting pretty close to Polish standards except for local men’s values, behaviour, and appearance, which are considerably lower than those in Poland.

So at the end, you are getting the hottest Eastern European beauty who feels lonely within her own country, and would like to broaden her romantic horizons! Are you in?

Famous Ukrainian brides who paved the way for the others

You may ask, why do we list supermodels only? It cannot be called a pure experiment. But, who do you see on all those dating sites? Mostly Instagram models who are in high demand!

Actually, the majority of Ukrainian girls have the model type of appearance, and they tried to advertise something with their looks or have a professional photo shoot at least once.

So it really makes sense to include famous models into our list of success stories, because it reflects Ukrainian female personality pretty well and with a high accuracy.

Alexandra Nikolayenko story

One of the most famous examples of Ukrainian wives abroad is Alexandra Nikolayenko, a model and Beauty queen of Ukraine 2001 who got married to American billionaire, Phil Ruffin.

Despite their age difference which makes 47 years, Alexandra wasn’t a gold digger. Lots of their common friends and even journalists claim there are true feelings between a husband and wife.

To the moment when she accepted his proposal, she already owned the National beauty contest and was pretty successful in her other businesses too. She started her career from zero.

It’s also a fact that Alexandra refused many times to accept Phil’s courtship, since she had lots of healthy doubts and their long-term friendship was important to her.

They live happily ever after having two charming kids and some common businesses. Still Alexandra manages to control all her projects in Ukraine, so she isn’t a helpless Bimbo.

Natalia Vodianova story

Then comes Natalia Vodianova. In case you didn’t know, despite of being born in Nizhny Novgorod, she has Ukrainian roots. She got married to Antoine Arnault who is just a bit older than her.

Although these two are equally profitable for each other, nobody would argue their true feelings. They always look extremely happy and very much in love, and have two kids at the moment.

She was primarily married to Justin Portman, quite an aristocratic British man with certain drinking problems. They were totally in love so the money wasn’t the first priority.

Julia Lemigova story

To entertain you a bit, we’ll name another famous model and Beauty queen of former USSR, it’s Julia Lemigova. Although born in Russia, she has Ukrainian and French heritage.

Gorgeous Julia had scandalous relationships both with local and with foreign men, but after many disappointments, she ended up as Martina Navratilova’s wife. Martina is a Czech tennis player.

So although it’s a Lesbian example, it proves that real feelings between Ukrainian beauties and foreign partners happen every now and then, with such a happy ending as long-term marriage.

How to make your Ukrainian encounter completely safe?

If you decided to spend your vacation in Ukraine and enjoy the cheap picturesque beaches there, you surely keep beautiful Ukrainian girls in mind as well.

Even if you are looking to hookup only, or exactly in this case, you need to make sure your encounter is safe. You’ll take care of that from your side, but a girl should be trustworthy enough too.

First of all, do not make a mistake the most westerners do: do not let your lady drink too much hoping that she’ll become sexier or more welcoming thanks to that. No way!

Ukrainian women are naturally interested in foreigners because it brings them the spirit of adventure and breathtaking romance, opposing to the boring routine with quite ignorant locals.

When you meet them at nightclubs or on the open air disco, they want all kinds of relax and excitement just like you do, and you don’t need to add heavy cocktails into their ration.

Slavic women have one interesting nuance about them, they need to stay as light and aerial as possible, in order to show a wider range of emotions and feelings.

If you make them drunk, they’ll forget about such essentials as safety, hygiene, a big variety of caresses and positions, and so on. You’ll get a non-animated action without much satisfaction!

Experienced daters already know that sober Ukrainian ladies who just flirt and laugh together with you, are much more promising lovers as you are seducing them elegantly and enjoying the process.

safe encounter

If you are curious about other aspects of safety, make sure a girl you met doesn’t have a local boyfriend, especially somewhere around. It would be create an unpleasant situation.

Also analyze her overall behaviour and show your interest first. If she is the one who takes initiative, there is some danger she can be a gold digger and you don’t need any problems.

In addition, you would prefer to avoid possible complications with the local police or bad guys on the streets so take your Ukrainian beauty to some nice private place where no one can bother you.

If both of you are in the mood to try a public place, check twice or even more times whether there are no locals around. Don’t worry, you can always find such a spot on the beach or in the city center.

If your intentions are serious and you want to find a Ukrainian bride, you basically follow the same recommendations but after the period of correspondence and period of courtship.

Your correspondence online will be safe if you chose the dating site correctly, and test every girl you liked with smart questions and photo requests. It’s as easy as that.

Your courtship period may also have its nuances, for example, do not spend more money than you have planned before, no matter how much you like the girl or how quickly you get intimate.

Some men date for months and others start from immediate hook-ups, both of these scenarios can either fail or end up in marriage. Ukrainian women are too charming for just a casual sex.

All of them have a romantic side in them, even if they pretend to be cool or even behave like scammers. Dating experts know many cases already when non-serious girls eventually changed their mind.

And if you date someone who is serious from the beginning, your chances for a happy family life skyrocket. Find your perfect Ukrainian bride and forget about loneliness!

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