Russian women from marital agencies: what is so special about them?

Why Eastern European culture is so precious

Russian brides are highly appreciated worldwide. We just accept it as a fact, but we rarely go deeper than that. But it’s pretty interesting to analyze why they are so popular.

Russian Women from marital agencies

Let’s start from the simplest statement that western men aren’t really happy with their local women’s values. That’s why the divorce rate grew so high in the West latest decades.

The culture started to make the wrong twist and created the extreme forms of feminist movement. Many women literally turned to men in their looks and behavioural patterns.

But not only that, western women are also practicers and victims of consumerism. It makes them too materialistic and skin-deep. These words are based on men’s life stories only.

This negative tendency to consume too much, be ignorant, and consider other people the ATM machines spreads all over the world now. There’s no hope it would reverse.

It affects even such authentic world communities as Asian and African countries. Just look at Asian Instagram models who care only about their brows shape and want you to sponsor it.

Asian traditional values and culture are kept only in some provinces of Japan and in South Korea where women are very refined and classy, but already somewhat westernized as well.

Who cares, after all, if westernization makes any woman in the world better adapted to your demands and habits? But let’s not forget it makes them more spoiled as well!

Of course, there are shallow Instagram models among Russian and Ukrainian women as well. But you’ll be surprised how much they still treasure their culture and heritage.

Once upon a time, all Slavic nationalities took their beginning in Kyiv. Even in those ancient times, local people were already noble-looking, brave, gracious, and less barbaric than others.

Right now all Eastern European nationalities slightly differ from each other, but their beauty remains iconic for the rest of the world, and their mentality still has something noble about it.

None of the other countries has ever published the psychological masterpieces of authors like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Bunin, Turgenev, Pushkin. But these books are translated worldwide.

Such a profound literature affected all generations including the youngest one, and partially thanks to it Russian girls know how to love their man and cherish him with all devotion.

Of course, nothing is perfect and some of the Eastern European girls also make drama in a relationship exactly thanks to that dramatic literature, but it’s easy to recognize and avoid them.

In general, Russian women are full of positive surprises only. Their range of feelings and romantic imagination are absolutely impressive. It’s a kind of wife you would never get bored of!

Race and archetype of Russian brides: does it matter?

Let’s get real, not all western single men prefer Caucasian women. Whom they chose to marry, completely depends on their current sources and priorities in life.

Lots of men who found themselves in unfavourable financial situation or decided to retire on the island paradise, chose to marry a Filipina who would take a good care of them.

Since those are the low-budget foreign wives who seem to be happy about anything without complaints, western men pick them without being too bothered by the race issue.

On another hand, men who suddenly want a bunch of children and a very hard-working wife to do the hardest work around the house, usually marry Chinese girls from poorer districts.

It’s really difficult to count which percentage of men is interested in Latin American or Hispanic girls. Westerners hunt them for hook-ups while Europeans frequently marry them.

So if all these thousands of men aren’t worrying about their bride’s race, why should you focus on Eastern European brides the most beautiful out of all Caucasian nationalities?

It’s up to you, but men who make this choice, name their own reasons. The majority of them have classical thinking, want their future kids to look alike and present a bride with usual look to their mom.

Others are pretty ambitious and want a model-looking girl with the worldly recognized standards of beauty to hang around their apartment and wait for them with the hot meals in hands.

Of course, it makes more sense to show up in nice places with such a beauty so many search for a Russian female companion on travel dating apps. That is a low-budget model girlfriend indeed!

There are also men of intellectual professions such as writers, scientists, journalists, who find Russian women extremely interesting to talk to. They do appreciate their personality and cultural background.

Some Russian and Ukrainian women have aristocratic French and Polish roots, which you surely wouldn’t find in Asia or Africa. Moreover, Odessa and Lviv cities were built by European architects.

After all, being on the peak of Caucasian race evolution, Eastern European women also show the highest intellect and can be your business companions or perfect tutors to your children.

Now you see why the race matters, although the modern world is so open towards the interracial relationships and marriages. It’s everyone’s personal choice.

What you should know about Russian marital agencies

How would you answer the question: who needs to adapt to an unknown culture, your Russian wife or you, or both? If you are going to make efforts as well, congratulations!

It would be fair to admit that modern Russian mail order brides rarely get homesick. They have already travelled quite a bit, and they are entertained by new possibilities in your country.

It was very different during the USSR times and after, when women weren’t mentally and emotionally flexible at all. It was too difficult for them to adapt.

Good marital agencies also help this process to go smooth and stress-free. They make sure Russian brides read their informative blogs and receive qualitative dating tips.

They consult the girls regarding current visa requirements, updating their education and the driving license abroad, give them examples or part-time job there, and so on.

But first of all, they care about the meeting itself and the best organization of it. These impressions and memories later have impact on the wedding and future family life.

Some men think Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women are the same, and compare only the cost of the trip, the distance, or other criterions of personal comfort.

But they aren’t same, and the one who cares about nuances, should be aware of the difference. Moscow girls remind American women in some way, as they are the least feminine and a bit materialistic.

Saint-Petersburg girls are much more sincere, but they might have a drinking problem. Women from other Russian cities and villages do much better as wives.

Ukrainian girls often happen to have a Polish background, not only Russian. They have Polish surnames, practical Polish mentality, spicy Polish humour, and refined Polish sense of style.

Odessa girls may have Israeli roots, Greek roots, Bulgarian roots, Armenian roots or whatever, so if it matters to you, ask directly and study the history of her family in advance.

Ukrainian women are the champions in adapting to other countries. Many of them live in resort cities or in multi-national cities, so international communication is in their blood.

Finally, Belarusian women are the most conservative, modest, and calm ones. Maybe their character isn’t exactly Nordic like that of Baltic women, but it is very well balanced indeed.

You should take into account the politics of these countries as well. Russian women are often big fans of their government and do not see any reasons to criticise it or escape in a big hurry.

They plan their relocation gradually, step by step, and prefer to be reasonable in it. Even you may need to give them some extra motivation for speeding up the process.

Again, Ukrainian girls win in their willingness to leave the country. Their political and economical situation is the most unstable out of all former USSR.

In addition, they got a no-visa status in most of European countries, Latin American countries, and not only. So Ukrainian mail order brides are ready to spread their wings once you approach them!

Belarus brides are a bit slow in decision making, but they do not wish to stay in their rights-limiting country either. You just need to check their laws as they may be restricted in travelling too.

That’s a massive set of the information about Eastern European marriages, so we are sure you have learned something new and made up your mind in order to get the best Slavic wife ever.

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