Russian dating and Ukrainian dating details

It’s not accidental that men of many nationalities are interested exactly in Russian and Ukrainian women. They impersonalize the most sophisticated femininity and great inner values.

Russian dating and Ukrainian dating

It may seem a phenomenon that so many American men choose to marry exactly Eastern European girls, until you dig deeper and see the roots of it. These cultures were meant to merge.

There are many favourable conditions for international dating between these parts of the world. Modern Russian women recall classy American women of 50-60s, they look feminine and chic!

All these qualities are already lost in the West since women chose to be sportive-looking feminists and to focus on their careers. Their attitude towards men is quite heartless and materialistic.

But Russian beauties still wear their best clothes and perfumes even for casual walks, perfectly balance work with a family life, and treat their man with all possible respect and passion.

Sounds like a dream? No, we precisely described the typical values of this enigmatic country! As to Ukraine, women there are reportedly even more relaxed, sexy, and fairly devoted.

Are you intrigued now? Well that’s not all. Slavic women are famous not only among idealists who seek puppy love, but also among practical men who want a life partner.

Russian and Ukrainian girls still keep the knowledge how to manage a big domesticity without spending too much, they are great cooks and home-makers.

After living in former USSR and facing all kinds of hardships, Slavic women develop strong, patient, down-to-earth characters with a sparkle of humour and charm.

They do not tend to complain, demand too much, or waste the family budget like some western women do. Russian wives are the best, and there already many examples of that.