Russian and Ukrainian girls on the trustworthy platform is one of the dating sites that are still in a growing process, but it’s already high-rated enough to consider it trustworthy and effective. So, welcome aboard!

Let’s take a look at its content and main features so you’ll know what to expect after signing up. First of all, it’s the right place for you if you’re interested in Eastern European dating!

Despite its title, the site contains thousands of Ukrainian women profiles. Which is good for single westerners: Ukrainian girls are easier to date and more serious-minded.

There are many favourable factors for that, such as their tough political and economical situation and willingness to relocate, as well as their pro-European way of thinking.

Russia as a Great Empire with its own priorities and stigmas, stands out from other countries and women there remain somewhat enigmatic, so they demand more efforts for conquering them.

As to Ukrainian singles, they express their femininity in a much more open way and you can see that in their clothes style, makeup, big smiles, gracious flirting, body language.

Ukrainian cuisine is much more varied and delicious than traditional Russian dishes. Ukrainian girls seem absolutely tireless when it comes to domesticity, yet they look like ladies.

If you still want to concentrate on Russian women due to the language matter, culture, or any other reasons, go for Lugansk girls or other women from the East of Ukraine since they are very pro-Russian.

It is a great plus that Ukrainian women profiles on look so natural and do not involve professional models only. Their smiles are extremely sincere!

The first sight and further discovering looks quite classical and provides a neat and attractive yet simple design. One can see the girls’ gallery right on the main page without being distracted by the ads.

One can easily notice the information that the site has been created in 2012, yet it was slowly developed. It happened because it initially contained the database of just several local agencies.

Right now its base is considerably enlargened and opens wide opportunities for single men worldwide. It attracts about 500 visitors / new members per week, but its potential is bigger.

It is nice and reassuring to know that a half of women registered there, are independent daters and do not cooperate with local dating agencies. It gives a bigger choice and allows to be flexible.

It isn’t correct to say this or that kind of dating is better. There are men with different characters, different requirements, and different expectations in the West.

For example, German men and lots of practical American men really prefer to deal with the agency, because this institution kind of disciplines the girl and guarantees the meeting.

Dating agencies usually save the girl’s passport scan to prove she is a real person, demand selfie or a short video with the site name, or use other safety measures.

Even serious-minded girls may have a changeable mood, so any kind of extra insurance helps. Dating sites like TheRussianWife, offer pre-ordered dates with the translator so you won’t travel in vain.

At the same time, another category of men are too freedom-loving for relying on the agencies only. They do prefer girls who date independently, with all the risks included.

That’s probably why TheRussianWife allows both the agencies with big databases and sole girls to register and join their lists of mail order brides. It’s pretty convenient.

Pricing and other important nuances

This particular dating site is credit-based, which means you pay more than just a regular membership fee once a month. The users should put some credits on their accounts in advance.

As more credits you put, as more confident you are while using the site, because each move you make there costs you something. It concerns both basic features and extra features.

However, the majority of features there are only basic and one should get used to that. There is only chatting, messaging, advanced search, blocking users, but nothing too innovative.

So if you want to take the maximum out of the site usage, pay attention to the feature of video introduction. It’s the only unusual feature we managed to find, but it’s pretty helpful.

You can record your own video and attract more attention online, but you can also get focused on girls profiles that contain this kind of video as well. It feels much more personal this way.

Actually, the presence of video in a woman’s profile is the best evidence she is real and committed, plus you can estimate her body language, the sincerity of her glance, smile, and so on.

At the same time, you should keep in mind that isn’t secretive or anonymous at all. Once you place your video to the profile, it will be seen to everyone from the outside.

Other hints that may be helpful for you on TheRussianWife

As you can see, writing to the girls who have an introductory video on their page, makes more sense and is more promising. Serious Russian girls will always find time for recording it!

But doesn’t matter if there is a video in the profile or not, a girl should also provide some most recent casual photos, and answer your personal questions logically enough.

Once you decided to date exactly an Eastern European woman, you should understand the main purposes and consequences of that, otherwise, you would just waste your time on dating sites.

So, dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman means that you are strong and resourceful enough to succeed with their relocation to your country after all the visa issues, covering the expenses etc.

This long and many-levelled process also includes her social adaptation, updating her education, driving license, language skills, helping her to learn basic things about your environment.

If your Russian bride has a kid from a previous marriage, or let’s say a sick mother, it goes without saying that you also take care of these folks and help them move to your place.

Plus, we guess the wedding in your country isn’t cheap either. Although a Russian woman may have more modest demands and expectations than a local one.
That’s why Russian dating is considered rather costly. Men who have a small budget or just a retirement support, prefer to marry a Filipina or Chinese girl and stay in her country for good.

So it becomes obvious that paid dating sites are just a financial exercise and they test your ability to cover all expenses of the marital project and to make it happen.

Even the first visit to a girl’s country may be a bit stressful for your budget, so calculate the things right and be wise on your every step. Your Russian bride may notice all details as well.

For example, if you didn’t want to proceed with the site based on credits, and insisted on switching to a direct communication, it’s the first red flag for her that you’re limited in funds.

The same concerns coming to see her without even a symbolical present, or using the buses and trams instead of the taxi. It may seem reasonable to you, but it’s disturbing for her.

Exactly because Eastern European women are so practical, they perfectly imagine all the cost of relocation, papers and preparations connected with it. So they watch out about your attitude.

If you’re too careful with the money from the beginning, it doesn’t look like courtship, and it makes her worry you’ll fail at the most important moment of your common plan.

The best way is to keep the golden middle and to spend at least little something to please your Russian girlfriend, to calm her down regarding your financial potency and opportunities.

It also makes sense to tell her you have already checked the cost of the visa, tickets, language courses for her and all accompanying stuff, and you can cover all that without any tension.

When your girl is relaxed and reassured, she makes you happy and satisfied as well! Also, knowing you’re ok with basic expenses gives her strength to assist you on every stage of the relocation.

Who should you avoid on

Each geographical zone popular for international dating, has its own pros and cons. If Asian dating sites may be full of ladyboys, then Russian dating sites may contain immature girls models.

This type of women tends to think life is very long and they’d never need someone like you, because they have everything they want. But it changes once they get divorced and remain with a child.

So do not get involved with someone who looks too glamorous and inaccessible, who is arrogant in her messages and overall behaviour. It’s a dead end for a single westerner.

Choose either a modest young Russian girl who went through the hardship in her country, or a single mom with a kid who doesn’t have any connections with her ex anymore.

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