Eastern European women abroad: a dream or reality?

There are so many single people worldwide interested in Russian brides, but each category of singles has its own priorities and expectations regarding dating sites.

What is a good Russian dating site for you? If it’s a platform with qualitative and trustworthy female profiles, fairly simple and understandable, yet effective, then MatchTruly is your choice!

A pleasant and surprising trait of this site is that majority of Eastern European women registered there, already live in the West for family reasons or job reasons.

Some of them are students in the USA or UK, which is also very convenient for the single westerner living there. It means, they are already adapted well and speak good English.

It’s very budget-saving too since a man shouldn’t fly overseas and back, pay for an interpreter, hotels and all the stuff. A hot Ukrainian girl or Russian lady are already in his area!

Moreover, all these Slavic beauties who managed to get to the Western country, also managed to survive there, either with their families’ help or their employer’s help. Good, you aren’t their sponsor!

As you can see, MatchTruly is a precious gem for someone who wants to date and marry exactly an Eastern European woman but doesn’t plan long-distanced trips.

Women’s profiles content

Naturally, every man wants to know whether the women’s profiles on the dating site are worthy of his attention. On MatchTruly, you shouldn’t worry about that.
The majority of women are very attractive, but that’s so typical for Russian and Ukrainian females. Photos look pretty professional as well, and all that without marital agencies’ help.

As dating experts, we suppose such qualitative photos were also received by the girls in advance from professional photographers, or just made with the help of a good camera.

In any case, it’s easier to get a qualitative photo shoot in a western country on a good equipment and with nice backgrounds than in Ukraine, for instance. So they do.

The same comes to extremely well-groomed looks of the girls. Even those of them who aren’t exactly beautiful, compensate it with silky hair and peachy skin. Their quality of life is rather high.

On another hand, only a part of girls have videos in their profiles, although this option is available. It may have different explanations from technical to emotional ones.

However, we really recommend to focus on profiles where the video is presented, just for safety reasons and for the insurance that you’d like this person in real life.

The profiles also contain rather detailed information about the girls, so it means they are committed to meet someone ASAP. It’s a positive fact about MatchTruly.

Our experience shows that girls beginners who are new to online dating, happen to have vague profiles since they aren’t sure what to write there. So these female users aren’t the newbees.

But it shouldn’t confuse you as dating apps and sites became a part of everyone’s life latest decades, even in Eastern Europe. It’s natural these girls have tried their luck on other platforms as well.

Pricing and safety is an inexpensive credits-based site with mostly basic features, but using each of them demands spending extra credits gradually so one needs to purchase them often.

At the same time, pricing is very clear and transparent and services are simple enough to pre-calculate the expenses and remain reasonable during the whole period of usage.

So, although pay-per-service sites are often criticized for unnecessary charging their clients on every step, MatchTruly isn’t a bad variant at all since you can easily organize your budget there.

One of the most vital questions for many: are there scammers? Unfortunately, they are unavoidable on any platform, but one can quickly report them on MatchTruly.

There is a difference between scammers, golddiggers, and sugar babies though that not each single man understands. It’s exactly the right place and moment for explaining things.

Scammers are women who just want some financial profit for you without giving anything back. It’s impossible to build a family with them or even to hookup in real life.

There are also catfishers who do not even use their own photos or names on the dating site, they either use stolen photos or their friends’ photos by their permission.

Catfishers use the most gorgeous girls’ photos, like 90-60-90 blondes, to make men write more and spend more, plus they ask for some money support additionally.

For sure, all these guys and gals should be immediately reported, banned, and financially punished if possible. MatchTruly team makes sure it will be done in no time.

However, there are also gold diggers and sugar babies on dating platforms, nothing can be done about them. They are real, they can meet in real, and even give you a kiss or two, but then you fail.

Dating a gold digger or a sugar baby isn’t low-budget or money-saving at all. If you seek a down-to-earth girlfriend or a wife with little demands, these predators might be deadly for you.

The dating site or app aren’t responsible for gold diggers’ actions, since girls do not break any rules online and seem to behave with all sincerity. You can get all kinds of proves from them.

But there is one common trait that unites them all: the lack of patience. They never have a long-term strategy and start to ask you for money soon enough. Be aware!

No one can protect you from the gold diggers, except yourself. So just avoid them no matter how nice, sweet, and welcoming they are. Sponsorship shouldn’t be mentioned in any form!

Don’t get us wrong, it’s completely normal that you’d support your future bride and especially wife, she indeed expects that if she has a Slavic mentality.

But your relationship shouldn’t start from that, or mainly consist of that. Her constant requests for money or the hints about her endless tough situations are way too suspicious and exhausting.

Then come the sugar babies. One should realize that 80-90 percent of the girls from poorer countries who date online, hunt for a sugar daddy and that’s why they are ok with the age gap.

Of course, it would be more fair if they joined special platforms for sugar dating, instead of messing out on decent marital sites. But they count on the fact that lots of men do not mind being daddies.

There is something specific about sugar babies though: they should be very young, model-looking, able to travel, and ready to speak out loud their dating conditions.

If one of these criterions is missing, a girl cannot qualify as a sugar baby, so you can confidently ignore her and consider all her efforts unprofessional and silly.

Now let’s apply all this knowledge to the realities of Girls of which category of the above would prevail among relocated Eastern Europeans?

Scammers – yes, it can be, since they happen everywhere on the Internet. The gold diggers – probably, if they aren’t sufficient with the money their parents send or they earn in a western country.

Sugar babies – for sure, especially if to talk about girls students who get their education in the US or UK. Older women, office workers etc. look ridiculous in this role.

So as you can see, there’s no one hundred percent guarantee MatchTruly would be scam-free. If you have to thoroughly watch your budget, better report them as soon as you have noticed them.

The quality of services

In general, MatchTruly support team is characterized by male users as friendly and helpful. That is enough for rating them pretty high and giving good recommendations.

They respond to all requests during 24 hours, if not 24/7. When necessary, the administrators take measures and actions needed for the improvement of the site functioning.

They block suspicious profiles on demand, answer the questions not available on FAQ, help to solve technical issues, and provide the links/references to an appropriate dating advice.

Taking into account all that, dating experts consider MatchTruly legit and trustworthy enough for using it by single western men interested in Eastern European dating worldwide.

Although this site isn’t very trendy or innovative, it does its job well and simplifies life of thousands of westerners seeking an intuitive and effective platform to start with.

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