More than just a dating site is known worldwide as a very powerful tool for meeting an Eastern European mail order bride. It combines all modern and classical features for that.

Although the site is positioned as Russian dating platform, it has both Russian and Ukrainian girls in its database. Ukrainian singles registered in the agencies prevail there.

This site isn’t just a typical template you see everywhere that directs you to the database of girls and charges you for nothing. It connects you with very real local marital agencies in Ukraine.

Traditionally, the most beautiful Slavic girls live on the south of Ukraine, and all these cities are widely presented on LoveSwans. You can be sure about getting in touch with them.

Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kherson are famous for their beautiful female habitants thanks to the unique mix of genes typical for this area. These are international harbour cities so this mix is understandable.

Plus, the sea climate benefits women’s health and appearance a lot. They look fairly more relaxed, friendly, youthful, and in a better shape than females from other regions.

The owners of LoveSwans aren’t just intermediaries, they are co-owners of those agencies and personally control the quality of services. It means a much better safety as well.

You won’t remain in the uncertain condition messaging the girls in vain: well-controlled dating agencies will organize all proves for you that girls are real, and make them reply to you.

Introductory videos, ID scans, gifts delivery, and real-time date or a romantic tour are among such proves. You wouldn’t be able to get them on a usual dating site with the limited responsibility.

A big number of success stories and positive reviews from male users ensures that choosing LoveSwans for Russian and Ukrainian dating is a correct and fruitful decision.

The quality of women’s profiles

Women’s photos on LoveSwans are strikingly impressive, first of all because of South Ukrainian girls’ natural beauty, and secondly thanks to the agencies assistance.

Not many women in Ukraine can afford a high-quality photo shoot from one of the best photographers, so the agencies invest into this and that’s also why dating sites are costly.

The agency may help with a professional makeup and hairstyle as well, also it provides nice outfits and fancy shoes or accessories if necessary. Therefore, women are shown from their best side.

At the same time, the minimum of Photoshop editing is applied so you can see girls as they are. Since they are real, they can easily provide you with casual photos and selfies on demand.

Ordering the gift delivery is another way to see the recent looks of your chosen one and compare it to the perfected profile photos. Plus, don’t underestimate the video chat option!

It’s true that women’s photos on platforms like LoveSwans, are focused on girls’ sexy shapes and demonstrate them with all possible frankness staying within the bounds of decency.

But isn’t it a good thing? Very often, Ukrainian beauties do have amazing shapes, but they are too modest or inexperienced for demonstrating them. So the agency is helping out in that as well.

After all, there were many cases already when men appeared on a profile photo or on the real-time date with the dyed hair or even artificial hair, while a woman just emphasizes her advantages.

It’s quite pleasant and reassuring that many women’s profiles on LoveSwans also contain short videos for a better representation. So you should note some basic recommendations.

It is highly advised to correspond with women who use this option and place at least one introductory video to their profile. It proves they are real, and allows to get to know them better.

Just imagine corresponding with someone for months just because of beautiful static photos, and then learning she has a bizarre gait or the lack of physical grace after you purchased the tickets and arrived.

But at the same time, you shouldn’t be too much mesmerized by professional videos where she is modelling, dancing, swimming like a true well-paid model.

Because if it’s so, it means she is promoting herself everywhere and you are just one of many admirers. Others are worshipping her on Instagram and in the model agency.

The best way is to communicate with girls whose videos seem amateur and have flaws, but at least it means these Russian girls are sincere and modest enough for marrying them.

Customer service and extra features

As we said, LoveSwans is a much more powerful dating tool than a regular platform with primitive features. Therefore, its customer service is profoundly better as well.

They do have real offices in the biggest cities of Ukraine with all the employees and equipment so your requests do not disappear in the abyss of the Internet.

Since the site administrators are interested in selling you as many extra services as possible, in and out of the site, they respond to your requests and solve all kinds of issues ASAP.

For example, you can block a suspicious female user manually, but if you also want to report her, you can do that and managers will apply all possible measures to discipline or exclude this user.

Technical issues are also solved very quickly and you don’t have to worry about them. It differs LoveSwans from many other Russian dating sites where your actions are limited.

But the most intriguing and promising feature is pre-ordering a date with an interpreter or a romantic tour in this or that Ukrainian city. Not many dating sites are offering that!

We are aware the translator’s service is doubtful and lots of men don’t want any third person to interfere, as well as any superfluous expenses. But LoveSwans took care of that.

The managers make sure every local interpreter signs a confidentiality agreement prior to each appointment or while being hired. They also control the level of prices.

Since LoveSwans isn’t a shallow ripoff site that doesn’t give any guarantees, but a full-fledged dating agent, you can order as many extra features as you want and you’ll enjoy them all.

Critics and appreciation: true or false?

Usually, pay-per-letter or pay-per-service dating apps and sites are criticized as less profitable ones than membership-based platforms. But cheaper not necessarily means better.

Shallow templates we already mentioned, only keep on charging you instead of providing with real adventures and real engagements. While LoveSwans does the real thing.

Thanks to its genuine nature and well-checked database, it just allows you to organize your money spending and be as flexible in your expenses as you want.
For example, if you know for sure you cannot travel to Ukraine or Russia until the next summer, and only want to flirt online once in a while before making serious steps, keep it low-budget.

It means, write up to five messages a day, chat for twenty minutes a day only, do not send any gifts, and so on. You will save a lot of credits and your bank card will be nearly undisturbed.

But once you are getting closer to the trip of your dreams and Ukrainian beaches become reality for you, make your communication much more intensive.

In this case, every dollar you spend will make sense as it will be counted as a part of your travel plan. It’s safer to find several girls pretenders through the online agency.

If you searched in Ukrainian nightclubs upon your arrival, it would be much more expensive and dangerous than all-day chatting and sending bouquets of flowers!

So, be reasonable and take the maximum out of LoveSwans usage, it’s a perfect place both for improving your pickup skills and for getting real physical results of the bride search.

Another frequent complaint is connected with occasional scammers in the database. Well, there can be two sources of them and you should know how to fight against them.

The first source is independent daters not registered in local agencies. LoveSwans allows them to sign up but cannot fully control their trustworthy and online activity.

The second source is non-reliable agency workers who use the beautiful models’ data without allowance, creating the catfishers profiles. It’s an unpleasant phenomenon.

In the first case, you should be careful and attentive yourself, relying on your online and offline dating experience. Stop corresponding once you detected a suspicious person.

In both cases, unreliable users should be immediately reported. A sole girl will be removed from the database while the catfisher will be removed and punished by the central office.

As you see, you can easily avoid any uncomfortable situations and keep on dating online on the most favourable conditions of diverse services and safety provides.

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