Marital agencies in Ukraine: pros and cons

Why the south of Ukraine is the most presented on dating sites

Are you adventurous enough to marry someone from another part of the world? Many western men prefer light relationships with no strings attached, but others do take a risk.

Marital agencies in Ukraine

Finding a wife in Ukraine has its own pros and cons. Inexperienced in international dating men should learn these nuances in order to understand whether it’s their cup of tea.

For those who are looking to marry a low-budget kind of bride, only certain categories of Ukrainian women may fit. Those are simple girls from smaller towns.

Women from Chernivtsy, Cherkassy, Vinnitsa, Kherson may suit these men the best. They are modest enough and used to lead the simplest and quiet lifestyle of the province kind.

For those men who are going to travel a lot and do a lot of sports with their chosen one, Lviv girls and Ivano-Frankovsk girls are the best. Sports and camping are their typical lifestyle.

If you would like to meet girls from all these cities, it makes more sense to search on free dating sites. There were many examples already when men succeeded to meet them there.

Finally, men who want appropriate companions for showing them out in a high society or just for walking everywhere with a chic model, should search in Odessa, Kyiv, Nikolaev, and Kharkiv.

It may sound strange but women’s type of appearance and values really depend on the particular region. That’s why it’s not correct to generalize all Ukrainian girls.

These last four cities are widely presented on Eastern European dating sites. Why, if there are so many other cities and towns? Aren’t pretty girls living there?

Of course they do, but since girls from southern cities appear to me the most beautiful and refined, local dating agencies are focusing on them like if it was a commercial product.

In some way, it is. These cities are known as more expensive for living especially Kyiv which is a capital. While Odessa is the most popular sea resort after Crimea has separated.

Although Ukrainian resort prices still cannot be compared to American or European, all local fruits and veggies are pretty cheap, a foreigner cannot count to get a non-demanding girl on the south.

Local men there have same problems as all other Ukrainian guys, it’s drinking, partying, laziness, ignorance towards their beautiful girlfriends, so Kyiv and Odessa beauties are often lonely.

At the same time, there are many successful people there too, so these women either had some luxurious courtship in the past or were supported by their well-provided fathers.

In both cases, they hope to find an equal level partner at least. That’s also why they prefer to use local agencies’ services which provide some kind of guarantee.

Why would a south Ukrainian girl need a marital agency?

Surely, the majority of men do not like to have intermediaries at all. It’s more natural, healthy, and exciting to communicate directly with a sexy Ukrainian bride.

Ukrainian girl

However, it’s a compromise that brings you closer to your future plans and long-expected togetherness. Just like a girl herself, you might also appreciate the extra safety and guarantees.

Let’s start from the biggest danger of online dating, the cynical scam. Have you ever been a victim of it, even in the lightest form? It’s unpleasant and no one would like to experience it.

If you chose the dating site correctly, this problem will be solved for you once and forever, since decent dating agencies have a strict scam-control. It simplifies your search a lot.

Decent marital agencies can be chosen by reviewing other users’ responses over the Internet and analyzing the first days after signing up. If the site actions are fair and transparent, you can proceed.

The next important point is pre-selecting the girls by the quality of their appearance and photos. Many men claim to be tired of weeding out the non-attractive girls on free dating sites.

Not only marital agencies pre-select the cutest girls for their database and especially the main gallery page, but also they pay for the professional photo shoot by best photographers.

Some of the girls couldn’t afford this kind of photo session, otherwise it’s not among their priorities. Only women over 40 desperate to meet a man, sponsor the photo shoot from their pocket.

There are surely many amateur models and professional models among Ukrainian girls, again, mostly in Kyiv and southern cities. They do have lots of photo shooting to share with the agency.

But the same models avoid free dating sites because they are overloaded with non-serious men from the third world countries, plus photographers restrict them from sharing the photos openly.

You will be right if you suspect that some of them seek a sugar daddy and want a sweet life only. But others have good professions and keep on developing themselves, what they need is love.

We suppose one of the reasons why western men get suspicious about a girl’s intentions, is western women’s materialistic attitude they got used to observe. But Slavic girls are different!

When they are money-oriented, it’s mostly because of their national mentality that includes having a man as a main provider. Although their local men rarely do that, the genetic memory is strong!

Eastern European women respect a lot those foreigners who chose to use marital agency services. It means they are committed to plan a budget for a future family.

Let’s not forget about the danger of meeting unknown Ukrainian girls without intermediaries right in the nightclubs. Men once abused by securities or by jealous local guys, don’t want to go through again.

How to conquer a girl having someone in between?

It’s not easy to compromise like that, and do your private stuff in someone else’s presence. But lots of men eventually realize that true professionals behave neutrally and do not bother the couple.

Their only intervention is translation services, as well as some controlling measures such as ID verification, weeding out the scammers, banning the abusers and suspicious members, and so on.

It is also a fact that even men with certain negative experience still prefer to use dating agency services rather than free dating sites which are totally out of control.

By men’s explanation, it’s just because corresponding with high-class models and dating them in real life is much more flattering than chatting with some very average chick.

As a part of this factor, younger girls from the agencies don’t mind dating western men in their 40s or 50s, despite the age gap. They are generally more open-minded than girls from the free sites.

It’s because women on free sites just want to meet someone, they aren’t committed to meet exactly a foreigner and with higher guarantees. They mention local guys in their search parameters too.

Accordingly to that, Ukrainian girls on free dating apps and sites are more conservative in general, and it concerns the age gap as well. They just didn’t put much thought into it.

So basically, for conquering a girl from the marital agency, you don’t have to do a lot. They are as committed as you are, just be yourself and practice reasonable courtship.

Things you shouldn’t do while dating through the marital agency

Although modern Ukrainian dating agencies are mostly safe and effective, since they want to be rated high and get the continuous profit, one have to watch out and be careful in some regards.

It certainly isn’t recommended to pay for 6 months membership in advance, order a gift delivery to every girl you like, chat 24 hours a day, or going extreme in other ways.

No matter how decent and trustworthy the marital agency is, it makes no sense to throw your money like that. Be reasonable and keep some for your meeting in real and further relationship.

It’s also well-known that you shouldn’t send the money to girls who you didn’t meet in reality yet. At least video chat with her before you take such a decision, and have strong reasons for that.

When you meet a Ukrainian girl or several of them through the marital agency, do not waste too much money either, no matter how much you want to impress them.

Do not invite girls to the most expensive restaurants, do not take them shopping to the fanciest places, wait until they show their sincere commitment as well. Be gallant yet practical.

Of course, your most romantic actions are appreciated, but even one rose can say a lot not obligatory the dozen of them, and a concert ticket is better than a costly party at the nightclub.

The earlier you turn to a direct communication with your chosen one, the better. The rest is up to you and the destiny! But with a common sense, you must be fine and soon married.

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