How to cheaply get laid in Miami: top strategies for a traveler

Miami may seem to be one of the most expensive places, due to its popularity as a resort and perfect situation. But it’s possible to reduce the cost of hookups and partying, like on any resort.

  • Beach pickup. Pickuping a person right on a beach is such an old trick that still works well. Get a cocktail for someone who’s relaxing alone, and you’ll be easily rewarded.
  • Small bars and pubs. If you’re saving up, there’s no need to go to the most touristic places with high prices and escorts everywhere. Meet simple girls in small local bars.
  • Hang out with Miami friends. Locals shall always show you the cheaper ways. Find buddies in Miami in advance so they’ll guide you to the most affordable hookups.
  • Day game in museums. You think museums are boring? Not on Little Havana and not for day gaming. So many pretty girls tourists, and a few locals can be pickuped there.
  • Catch other newcomers. There are plenty of newcomers to Miami who are naïve enough, from students to models beginners and so on. If you feel alone try hooksexup dating. They’re easier to hookup with.


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