Are instant hookups awkward or comfortable and cool

Most of modern people prefer instant hookups, since they take such a little time and only minimal efforts. The today hookup culture allows to be as quick as possible in casual affairs.

Some of the old-fashioned or inexperienced folks may find this lifestyle uncomfortable, that’s why psychologists and casual relationship therapists have composed the top list of benefits.

  • No expensive courtship is needed. People are often rejected on the courtship stage, when a person’s expectations are too high. But only sex is expected from hookuping.
  • Sexual fantasies easily come true. There’s less inconvenience in the interaction with a stranger. Casual partners’ instincts become a priority, so all happens naturally.
  • Spontaneity keeps us alive. We are too stuck in everyday duties that are very monotonous. Learning to be spontaneous develops us and helps to live brighter.
  • Safety is usually stronger. By statistics, people are much more careful in sex with strangers than in romantic dating. It results in a better health and harmony.
  • Fewer duties and stress. All our life consists of responsibilities, but instant hookups bring pleasure and relief. We easily start and easily leave, without any regrets


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