Anti-Scam Policy

The preventive measures of our team

Our team aims to provide all possible conditions for safe dating online by taking necessary measures for that. Our motto is: there’s no place for scam in a kingdom of love!

Nowadays, it is so hard to trust anyone and open one’s heart in conditions of people’s survival and selfish reasoning. Relationships on a distance make it even harder.

That is why owners of the most decent dating blogs and marital sites feel responsible for singles’ safety online and offline. It’s fair regarding Eastern Europe, too!

The more beautiful women of the particular area are, the more commercial they become in some businessmen’s eyes and their own eyes. But we reject such an attitude!

Once you detect a suspicious female member on one of the sites we recommend, report her immediately either to the site administration support or to us. Such things shouldn’t take place.

If the environment on dating platform is friendly and trustworthy, matches are found quicker and no one’s feelings are hurt. That is an ideal situation everyone should strive to!

Brief info about the scam definition

Scamming and catfishing online is the money hunting. It is often done by the citizens of the third-world countries or other badly provided regions.

Eastern European countries definitely aren’t poor, but they are somewhat worse provided than western countries. Girls from the small towns and villages may adopt the vicious behaviour.

On another hand, spoiled daddy’s girls from big and prosperous cities especially capitals, may seek financial profit as well without having any serious intentions. Those are gold diggers.

One should differ gold diggers from sugar babies though who aren’t hiding their materialistic intentions yet they are going to reward you with a casual or long-term relationship.

In our dating blog, we enlighten all nuances of the scammers’ practices making easier for a western dater to stay aware. If we can help with any particular preventive measures, we do.

But our main anti-scam activity includes effective recommendations and well-checked techniques on how to avoid fraudulent personalities and platforms.

Safe online search and dating

It’s fairly simple to remain safe and find someone reliable if to follow the dating advice that we provide, in a full volume. It is also recommended to follow common sense and safety rules.

Some of them are already known: do not send any money to strangers; do not communicate with women whose messages consist of complaints only; do not chat without video.

You should always be sure you are talking to the real person whose photo is in the profile. Casual photos that someone additionally sends to you, isn’t a direct confirmation.

There were cases when a girl’s professional and casual photos were used by her sibling, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, friend, or even a stranger who stole the photos from the social network.

Phone calls ordered trough the dating site or even direct and private ones aren’t an option either. You never know who’s on the other side of the phone.

The only two options that work well, are the gifts delivery with confirming photos of retrieval and video chats with non pre-recorded video stream. Those are your main anti-scam proves.

Ukrainian women produce less scam

We’re glad to tell you that Ukraine finally joined the list of less fraudulent countries in Eastern Europe since its economical level improved while the political situation got worse.

It means, Ukrainian women became able to survive without western men’s help, but they found themselves in a stressful atmosphere wanting to escape to another country by all means.

Accordingly to that, we recommend Ukrainian dating sites and apps not only Russian ones where anti-scam strategies demand extra knowledge. You can be sure and safe with Ukrainian brides!

Always be aware when you date online, and do not rely only on your logic or intuition, keep on analyzing and testing, genuine girls won’t be annoyed by that and false girls will be detected.

The types of scam and how to deal with it

There are two types of fraud online, the first type is produced by the agency itself and the second type is produced by girls who date independently. It’s easy to recognize both types.

We always avoid such platforms and personalities, and do not include them to our lists of recommendations. But our users should know how to stay away from them as well.

So, fraudulent platforms are recognizable by similar scenarios that different girls repeat to men, for example, being victims of war or living in a remote village with a need of expensive taxi.

While non-serious girls who date independently, may start their very first letter from complaints or money requests as well, but by using a unique scenario. That’s not good either.

Only genuine girls for dating

In all cases, fraud is connected with the money, so the best way to keep safe is to communicate with Eastern European brides who demonstrate financial independence.

At least, they have a stable job, can survive on basic food and other necessities, can pay a half of bill in a restaurant, can pay a half of the ticket cost, and so on. It’s a fair option.

We support and promote only this kind of dating, by constant re-checking or the sites we list, and consulting with our dating experts. Therefore, our users are getting extra protection.

At the same time, the user who is dating online should apply his intellectual abilities and take responsibility for his own actions and choices. That is also a part of safety plan.