All the truth you wanted to know about Russian mail order brides

Why are Russian women called enigmatic?

When something is getting too popular, it needs to be revised. Our small team of dating experts decided to make our own research on Russian mail order brides authenticity.

Russian Women

There are many particular traits of national mentality western men do not realize until they marry a Russian girl and face her real way of thinking in daily life.

It happens because a single man is mostly interested in a girl’s physical beauty, sexiness, probably her level of English, as well as her readiness to welcome a foreigner and relocate.

This rush is understandable, especially that an international couple is always limited in time and has to spend a few weeks together wisely, counting literally every moment.

But it’s also somewhat stressful to learn new details about your beloved one when you are already married, while realizing them earlier helps you plan things better and save some nerves.

So, the very first thing western men do not realize about Russian women, is their many-levelled emotional system. Grown on classical music and literature, they cannot think primitively.

It must be hard to get them and all of their wishes or reasons for the mood change after communicating with western girls whose mindsets and motives are rather simple.

That is why Russian women are often called enigmatic! Their wide range of emotions is sometimes misunderstood by western people although it has many positive sides too.

Moreover, not all Russian brides tend to completely adapt to a man’s character and reality, like some Filipina wives do. Their willingness to adapt depends on their current situation.

If a Russian bride is an average-looking woman in her 30s or 40s with a child or two, who didn’t succeed in her career in Russia, she will surely do her best in order to adapt and keep cool.

But, if we are talking about gorgeous model-looking beauties in their 20s, most probably and realistically, their man is the one who will have to adapt to their personality and demands.

But, fear not: if you follow the professional dating advice, you’ll be able to recognize your beloved’s mood and motives before they even show up, and act accordingly!

How to date a woman who has profound feelings and values

So, do not repeat some men’s mistake who claim Russian girls constantly fall into drama. These girls just aren’t skin-deep like western females so it’s a good thing for you!

The best marriage formula is letting her be and cheering her up with flowers and short entertaining trips. Like many westerners confirm, it works pretty well with Russian wives.

If they have got their hobbies in the US, their free time, and their reasonable budget, they’ll work on their nostalgia, goals for the future, and other emotional stuff while you’re at work.

Therefore, they’ll greet you with a smile once you come back in the evening, and arrange something nice and cosy for the evening. Don’t forget to massage each other and take a bath together.

But if Russian women have to spend their days in a big stress, such as the job they don’t like, or cleaning a huge house, they may not have enough time for working on their emotions.

We have to admit, if the two of you manage to keep an eye on each other and take a good care of each other, as well as balance the family budget and your free time, you’ll be super happy together.

It’s exactly the kind of happiness one cannot find with a western woman. It’s not just puppy love, or mutually rewarding relationship, or anything superficial people got used to.

When relaxed and reassured they’re loved, Russian women can do miracles. They become their husband’s biggest fans, their closest friends, and most loyal lovers.

Love making to someone who is devoted to you, who see the sense of life in you, differs very much from having sex with a pleasant good-looking person who just treats you well.

It’s a deep passion we all dream about, and you can be sure that exactly Russian women with their romantic and idealistic upbringing in libraries and art galleries, can show you this kind of passion.

Now if to return to the infamous definition of “drama”, they surely get upset when their dearly loved and cherished man turns to be abusive, ignorant, or cheating. Can it be called a drama?

But if all goes well and you aren’t breaking any serious rules of marriage, there is an amazing harmony between you and your Russian girl, since you are her super hero and she won’t want to lose it.

How to keep on delighting your refined Russian wife

Every Russian women is refined in her own way: some of them would perfectly fit into the high society with their elegant manners, while others have sharpened their feelings and mind.

So it depends whether you value more the visible behaviour or a girl’s inner world. If you are a businessman who leads a very active lifestyle, you may chose the first type of refined ladies.

But if you’re an indoor person who enjoys reading, writing, painting, gardening, and other quiet occupations, you’ll be completely comfortable with the second psychological type.

These Russian women are also extremely intellectual, creative, educated, originally thinking, a bit introverted, and they’ll make your time at home the most interesting for both of you.

Russian Wife

But if she knows for sure how to please you and take care of you, can you the most likely do the same for her? There is a universal recommendation that’ll be helpful to every westerner.

Just never neglect her personality. Russian women don’t like to be treated like a piece of flesh, although they enjoy their sexiness. They want to be seen as something more valuable.

That’s why, if you have a creative profession or hobby, always involve your beloved to the process of creation. She’ll appreciate that greatly and respond with a new wave of passion.

More practically, you can trust her developing new ideas for your business, home design, garden design, create the clothes for children or pets if she wants so.

In general, Russian and Ukrainian women don’t like to sit doing nothing, and they prefer creative stuff and imaginative householding to the regular work and boring chores.

You know, this is exactly what many western men miss in a relationship with a Slavic girl. But if to take this little nuance into account, relationships will be close to perfect.

These unique beauties are also imaginative in children’s upbringing and education, and love to try new recipes in a kitchen rather than cooking the same thing every day.

In short words, routine is killing for Russian wives! They prefer something brighter than that, and amaze their husbands with constantly new solutions coming out of their fresh minds.

Even one this secret solely helps you to establish the most successful romantic connection with a Russian girl you were lucky enough to catch and marry!

Extra facts about Russian brides for your consideration

Since you already know so many things about Russian beauties, let’s make sure you also know where to find them. They are quite picky both about men and about dating platforms!

The majority of Russian women are serious about meeting a foreign partner, so they do not join specialized platforms for sugar dating, escort services, casual sex, and so on.

But they rarely trust free dating sites either, because it’s too dangerous to meet a stranger from overseas without any guarantees whose personality isn’t verified and who can appear to be a villain.

That’s why Russian brides go directly to the sites owned by local dating agencies, or at least paid sites with several-levelled verification that provide certain guarantees.

By girls’ opinion, there are many jobless men and young students on free dating sites so they cannot really organize a meeting or a trip together, not talking about starting a family.

While men on paid sites have already directed a part of their budget to finding a foreign bride, and might keep in mind the complicated visa process, wedding organization, and other things.

Russian girls are independent when necessary, but they also like to be cared about, and dating agencies are giving them exactly that. Nice photo shoots, language support, and other services are helpful.

Many women from Russia who have already married to western men, admit they felt very well-protected by the marital agencies and were happy with the quick results.

There is always something to add about Russian women since their personalities and loving hearts are bottomless, but you are already acquainted to the key tips a single man needs!

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